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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter forty-one: Deejay Tropica receives an ultimatum. Los Angeles 2017AD.

The next day Cathy met with her head of Security to talk about their agreement.  James Winslow looked confused as to why Cathy wanted to meet him in a public place after the recent dimise of the other Deejays.  After the waitress brought them two strawberry daiquiris he spoke,
"So Cathy what is this all about?"  She pulled out a folded piece of paper from her purse and placed it on the table.  She then looked at him as he unfolded the paper and read it's contents.
                                                           You have but one chance to redeem yourself .
                                                            Though your crimes are unforgiviable you have
                                                             been givin the oppertunity to live past your sins.
                                                             When you perform at the Foxy you can play any
                                                             selection you desire except mine, all songs of mine
                                                             are considered off limits to you, and to play them
                                                             would mean death.  This is the only warning you will
                                                              receive.  Play any of my songs and you will die.

After reading the note he folded the paper back and returned it to the table.  Cathy was sipping on her drink as he looked back at her.  Concern brought deep creases to his worried brow.  He couldn't figure out why she didn't seem as concerned as he was.
"You're not worried about this?"
"It's probrably some wacked out fan or hater that's why I need you to beef up security for tonight, I don't want nobody cutting a fart without you knowing about it got it?
"Consider it done Ms Jin wah".
Later that evening during the performance James had over 30 men in various positions from the outside to the stage.  Lieutenant Bradley was officer in charge and when his phone chirped he responded quickly.
"Talk to me unit one".
"I just saw a shadow streak across the roof".
"What's your twenty?"
"South side in the ally back door".
"Unit three you got a boogie coming your way heads up!"  Seconds later."I see him.  God  he's fast; I couldn't get a good look at him he's headed for the stairwell".
"Ok.  He's got a seven story climb down.  Unit three pursue.  Unit one meet unit three on the bottom.  Unit five and twelve back up unit one.  Everyone else hold you positions".
"This is unit twelve.  We're in positon.  Now heading upstairs to retreive.  Ok.  We can't make him out but he aint going anywhere JEASUS CHRIST! DID YOU SEE THAT!"
"Come on people don't leave me in the dark!"
"He jumped over the rail!  He just jumped over the rail.  He fell a whole seven stories and took off running!"
"DAMMIT!  Unit four and seven make your way backstage now!  Everyone else cover the front stage, stay low key, tazers out I wan't him sleeping!"
"This is unit six.  I got him in the corridors heading for the main dance room.  I'm taking...."
"Unit six report, unit six report".
"This is unit nine.  Unit six is down, he's still alive but his body is imbedded in the wall".
"Unit nine hold your position and radio the police department I'm comming in".
"This is unit eight.  Unit thirteen and eleven are down.  Thirteen needs medical attention I think his arm is broken".
"This is unit sixteen.  He just disappeared into the crowd.  He just popped out of no......"
"Unit sixteen, Unit sixteen! For fuck sake he's just one guy hold the line!"
Neither the crowd nor Cathy was aware of the commotion going on that was taking place.  She continued to mixing one record after another with such percision that each musical selection sounded like they were meant to be played together.  What she didn't notice was the Dark Figure 40 feet above the stage on the scaffolding holding on to the support bar.  The dance lights made him look like a black spector.  He just sat there motionless and waited.  Cathy final mix was a song called "Leapard Hunt" a modified version of Tyren's Matthews original song.  The Dark figure gripped the support bar so tight he left his hand prints imprinted on it.    When Bradley finally pinpointed the Dark Figures presence he was gone within a blink of an eye.

Chapter thirty-four: The Second Conspirator. Los Angeles 2017AD.

Excert from Chapter thirty-four:  Skyler is issued a warning.  Los Angeles 2017AD.
Kimmy Yee, Skyler's bodyguard and personal assistant was urging  him to hurry up before he would be late to his release party.  Skyler assured her he would not be long he had to check his email.  To keep his fan base high Skyler dedicated himself to answer one email message per day.  He sat down and clicked the message that was flashing  on the bottom of the screen.
"Your song,' Heighten Sense' is a true testament of what psy-trance should sound like".  After reading the message, Skyler said in a smug tone as if the reader was stating the obvious of course.  Instead he responded with,
"Music is the new avatar of communication.  I try to make music that reaches out to all people.  So it means a lot to me that you like that piece".
After typing the message and clicking send he was about to log off when the computer blinked in a soft tone signifying he had mail.
"Aw shit, this guy is at his computer right now.  Well, can't leave him hanging.  I'll just tell him that I have to wrap things up", he said to himself as he opened the message.
"You should open your release party with that piece instead of Culture Flux".
Dude must have seen the news today.  "Don't worry I'm at this buddy".  Click send, soft tone response.
"There are at least three flaws in Culture Flux that are highly noticeable.  You should go with Heighten Sense".
Who is this guy?   How does he know about the three flaws?  He can't know about the three flaws even if somehow he heard the song.  The only ones that know about the flaws are me and.....Nah!  That thought for a minute made him feel rigid.  He was even sweating.  Relaxing he chuckled to himself.  His curiousity however was peaked.
"Who are you and how do you know about the three flaws?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"The flaws were not made by you so don't think I'm blaming you for them.  But the flaws are there and they betray your style.  They tend to make the song sound like it was made by someone else.  Like it's not your song.  Culture flux should not be played".
By this time Skyler's hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end.
"You still didn't answer my last inquiry.  Who are you?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"Your music is very good.  I understand that you have been slowly falling off the charts and in this day an age, if you fall off slightly, you can become yesterdays news".
"Fuck all that shit.   Who are you?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"But using someone else's piece is highly not recommended.
Skyler could taste the adrenalin in the back of his throat.  He had to think fast.
"Tell you what.  Why don't you give me your name and email so I can personally invite you to the release party.  Then you can see for yourself that Culture Flux is perfect.  Click send, soft tone response.
"Your other friend seemed to have negated my advice.  He was also good.  He also fell due to temptation".
Ok.  This was know longer funny.  "I'm going to ask you one more time.  Who are you?"  Click send, no answer.  Skyler sat at the computer for what seemed to be a lifetime though it was only a minute had passed.  Soft tone response.
"I think you know who this is, or at least who this once was".
Skyler broke out into a cold sweat and seemed to be shivering.  He didn't answer that last reply.  Soft tone response.
"Skyler Thomas Jones.  You are not to play Culture Flux.  Not at your release party.  Not anywhere, ever!  For the day that you do is the day you die!"

Malik Artworks Deyon

Chapter Fifteen: Phantom Mexicano Javier's Performance, Los Angeles 1971AD.

Excert from Phantom Mexicano:  Javier's Performance at the Phantages Theater 1971AD.
The theater was packed with people from, East Los Angeles, Glendale, West Covina, Montebello, even some who traveled all the way from Mexico to witness this event that took place only once a year.  The Announcer grabbed the microphone.
"Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to the thirty-third annual madiachi competition finals".  The audience cheered.  ""As customary and good sportsmanship the managers from each band will now shake each others hands".  Adriana had designated herself as La Nueve's manager so she approached the others and shook their hands.  Javier looked at each manager and thought to himself what a grueling regimon these managers must have put their bands through to prepare them for this moment.  Suddenly, without warning there was dead silence and the entire theater grew cold and dark.  Javier could barly make out the audience who seemed to be clapping and cheering in slow motion.  House lights that were bright white seemed to take on a purple glow as the fabric of time and space seemed to unravel.  The cold chill intensified as all motion appeared to almost stop.  He could hear his own heartbeat as if someone were thumping a drum that echoed the entire theater.  As he frantically looked around he could see the near frozen faces were unaware of what was happening as they continued to cheer in silence.  He turned to Adriana who was shaking hands with..a shadow, that had a red haze around it.  Inside the haze this thing was formless, a black void that tried to give itself the apperance of a man.  Everything was empty in that space except the eyes.  Those bright glowing white eyes.  This was no man.  This was the beast.  And the beast saw him.  As it was shaking his mothers hand Javier noticed it didn't notice his mother.  Its stare was fixated directly at him and he could not break away.  There was a moment of clarity and shockingly, everything returned to normal.
"Uh, Senior Falcon, you can let go of my hand now".  Adriana said without missing her happy tone.  Falcon shook his head and realized he had been blindly and continuosly shaking Adriana's hand.
"So sorry Ms Salvador.  As I was saying as manager of the Diagos I wish your band the best of luck".  Adriana smiled and went to take her seat but not before kissing her son on his cheek.
"Go get em my boy".
"I will momma", Javier said not taking his eyes off Falcon.  Falcon slowly nodded to Javier before leaving the stage himself.  As he left the stage he patted Sergo on the shoulder and motioned him to join him in the back.  Sergio nodded then gave Javier a cruel look before exiting.  Sergio's look didn't bother Javier.  Only the last thoughts of clarity were in his head.  That was no man.  Nothing more could describe it but pure unadulterated evil.  After the hadshakes took place Falcon pulled Martinez Diago to the side.
"Where's Sergio?"  Falcon asked in a forced tone.
"He's taking a shit boss what's wrong?
Falcon looked around before he spoke, "Can you explain to me how a bean eating spik could get a hold of the bloodline? How!
Martinez first thought was to check Falcon for using a racial slur but he dared not.
"Tell Sergio I want to speak to him when the competition is over.  Martinez, this important.  Tell him not to do anything until he speaks to me, UNDERSTAND?
"Yeah, yeah, boss I get it".  After Martinez left to go back to the stage Falcon went to his office down the hall.  He no longer had the desire to see the competition especially since he knew what the end results would be.  The only thoughts going through his mind as he sat down at his desk and pulled a bottle of Johnny Walker Red from his drawer with a small glass was that, this was going to end badly.

Chapter Eight. Path to the Bloodline. Los Angeles,1848AD.

Exert from chapter Eight.  The discovery.
Later that night William entered the sheriff's house to see his badge on his desk and a packed suitcase leaning against the chair.
"Sheriff Thorndrake?"  William yelled cautiously.
"Back here".
William walked through the storage room filled with boxes of amunition and guns where he saw Thorndrake packing another suitcase.
"You're leaving us?"
"I can't stay in a town that claims to be civilized and then turning into a den of savages when it suits them".
"But you're running".
"You damn right I'm running!"
"It was a moment of weakness.  You can't charge us for that!  Besides that monkey violated the law!"
First off.  Taking a dinner roll before prayer is a moment of weakness.  Hanging and burning a man alive in the middle of town is surrendering to a deadly sin!  Second.  Who represents the law in this town?  Who enforces the law in this town?  Apparently not me!  At least not anymore!"
Slamming the suitcase lid shut with a loud thump brought home the sheriff's anger.
"You done brought this on yourself boy!  I can't do nothing more for you!"
"But you took me in as your deputy when I was a kid.  You taught me to be ruthless and strike with extreme prejudice!  Everything I did was because you taught me!  Explain all that then!"
"I did that so later on in your life you wouldn't focus on the teachings your grandfather tried to push on you".
Thorndrake grabbed William by the collar and pulled him closer until their noses were almost touching.  The ghostly look of darkness in his eyes, an incarnate evil blakness just behind the blue irises washed William in a sea of fear he had never felt before.  In that instant sheriff Thorndrake was not the man he grew up to admire.  He was something else.  He was...
"Falcon.  What are you...?
"Im sorry, I'm sorry.  But why are you saying...?
"Because if my plan to steer you in my direction had failed, I would've had to send someone to kill you".
"You see.  The funeral service today revealed something to me.  Your bloodline, thanks to your stupid savagery has been passed on to your cousin".
"What bloodline?  What are you...?  No.  Not the nigger!  He can't be my cousin!"
"Think boy!  You seemed so adameant to know what your grandfather said to him!  I took you in to keep you from becomming what you haplessly made out your cousin!
"What could I possible have...?
"You turned him into the spirit of vengeance you idiot.  You will be the first for certain.  Or, maybe he'll save you for last after he's done with the townfolk.  In any case I wont have any worries on my end".
"That-That's crazy talk!  The dead don't move!"
"Really?  Then look out the window and tell me where's Thomas' s body?"
William slightly chuckled as Falcon released him from his collar.
"Heh.  Ir's where it always....."
Nearly chocking on his spit, William looked out the window towards the center of town where the charred fourteen foot pole stood.  The burnt ribbon still hung from the blackened metal ring but the loop for Thomas's neck lay empty swinging in the wind.

Javier Matthews Phantom
Javier Salvador Matthews

Dark Phantom. Sometimes Vengeance Brings Redemption.