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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter forty-one: Deejay Tropica receives an ultimatum. Los Angeles 2017AD.

The next day Cathy met with her head of Security to talk about their agreement.  James Winslow looked confused as to why Cathy wanted to meet him in a public place after the recent dimise of the other Deejays.  After the waitress brought them two strawberry daiquiris he spoke,
"So Cathy what is this all about?"  She pulled out a folded piece of paper from her purse and placed it on the table.  She then looked at him as he unfolded the paper and read it's contents.
                                                           You have but one chance to redeem yourself .
                                                            Though your crimes are unforgiviable you have
                                                             been givin the oppertunity to live past your sins.
                                                             When you perform at the Foxy you can play any
                                                             selection you desire except mine, all songs of mine
                                                             are considered off limits to you, and to play them
                                                             would mean death.  This is the only warning you will
                                                              receive.  Play any of my songs and you will die.

After reading the note he folded the paper back and returned it to the table.  Cathy was sipping on her drink as he looked back at her.  Concern brought deep creases to his worried brow.  He couldn't figure out why she didn't seem as concerned as he was.
"You're not worried about this?"
"It's probrably some wacked out fan or hater that's why I need you to beef up security for tonight, I don't want nobody cutting a fart without you knowing about it got it?
"Consider it done Ms Jin wah".
Later that evening during the performance James had over 30 men in various positions from the outside to the stage.  Lieutenant Bradley was officer in charge and when his phone chirped he responded quickly.
"Talk to me unit one".
"I just saw a shadow streak across the roof".
"What's your twenty?"
"South side in the ally back door".
"Unit three you got a boogie coming your way heads up!"  Seconds later."I see him.  God  he's fast; I couldn't get a good look at him he's headed for the stairwell".
"Ok.  He's got a seven story climb down.  Unit three pursue.  Unit one meet unit three on the bottom.  Unit five and twelve back up unit one.  Everyone else hold you positions".
"This is unit twelve.  We're in positon.  Now heading upstairs to retreive.  Ok.  We can't make him out but he aint going anywhere JEASUS CHRIST! DID YOU SEE THAT!"
"Come on people don't leave me in the dark!"
"He jumped over the rail!  He just jumped over the rail.  He fell a whole seven stories and took off running!"
"DAMMIT!  Unit four and seven make your way backstage now!  Everyone else cover the front stage, stay low key, tazers out I wan't him sleeping!"
"This is unit six.  I got him in the corridors heading for the main dance room.  I'm taking...."
"Unit six report, unit six report".
"This is unit nine.  Unit six is down, he's still alive but his body is imbedded in the wall".
"Unit nine hold your position and radio the police department I'm comming in".
"This is unit eight.  Unit thirteen and eleven are down.  Thirteen needs medical attention I think his arm is broken".
"This is unit sixteen.  He just disappeared into the crowd.  He just popped out of no......"
"Unit sixteen, Unit sixteen! For fuck sake he's just one guy hold the line!"
Neither the crowd nor Cathy was aware of the commotion going on that was taking place.  She continued to mixing one record after another with such percision that each musical selection sounded like they were meant to be played together.  What she didn't notice was the Dark Figure 40 feet above the stage on the scaffolding holding on to the support bar.  The dance lights made him look like a black spector.  He just sat there motionless and waited.  Cathy final mix was a song called "Leapard Hunt" a modified version of Tyren's Matthews original song.  The Dark figure gripped the support bar so tight he left his hand prints imprinted on it.    When Bradley finally pinpointed the Dark Figures presence he was gone within a blink of an eye.

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