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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter one: Dartanion's Rise to Fame. The Performance 949AD. Teaser

However, not everyone was pleased with the performance.  Usually it is the King that never claps.  This time it was Bishop Manuel who didn't applaud.  In fact, he seemed quite angry with the performance.  When the cheers died down the Bishop pulled Dartanion to the side.
"What is the meaning of this?  I specifically gave you orders to stay within the boundaries of the basics".
"Yes", Dartanion responded defiantly.  "Yes you did; and I told you that I would do what is right for the sake of the people".
"You had me believe that you knew what the right thing was; I thought I made it clear that staying within the boundaries was the right thing".
"Your idea of the right thing is to starve progress, to hinder evolution.  Life isn't for the bishops and the cardinals of the world to depict when it is proper for life to evolve".
"This evil you breed is unbecoming Dartanion.  No kingdom in it's right mind would allow this to continue!  I will see to that!  My delegates are already delivering the message and by the time it fully circulates you'll be lucky to perform nursery rhymes for piglets in a wayward barn".
"All this time I thought the church welcomed enlightenment!  Instead, I find that it's self-righteous tomfoolery throws childish tantrums when the chosen musician can't seem to entertain the King, I'm no fool.  That's what this is really about isn't it".
"You just lost your musical career Dartanion.  Keep blurting out blasphemes and you'll lose your head".
"I'm starting to wonder who in this kingdom truly wears the crown".

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  1. I'm not up on my classic Lit, but Dartanion was a Musketeer, in 'The Three Musketeers, right? This is shaping up to be an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!