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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter four: Hunter in the Shadows, What will become Los Angeles 949AD.

Vosh!"  Falcon was broken from his thoughts as a knight from the rear was calling out.
"Whats going on back there?"  Falcon shouted.  "I cant find Vosh sir", The knight shouted back.  "He abandoned the coffin he was carrying with the others".  Another knight called out.  "Sir I can't find Randolph he just dissapeared".  And yet another.  "Clayton!  Has anyone seen Clayton?"  Falcon becomes frustrated.  "Alright!  It may be the dead of night but we're craftier than allowing ourselves to be taken out in low grass field, flank!"  And with that order the men turned in every direction refusing to be sneaked upon again.  Muffled screams and another knight was pulled into the darkness away from the torches.  One of the knights tripped over something lying on the ground.  He looked down only to see a severed arm with the knights armor attached to it.  The other knights lost themselves in a grip of fear and started running towards the shore.  "Damm it!  Don't Panic!  You are better men than this stand your ground".  It didn't help.  One knight was pulled into the darkness.  Only a streaming spurt of blood came into the light splattering across another knights face, which caused him to run full speed toward the shore.  He never saw that mystery sword comming.  He fell backwards but his head rolled into the air, plunked on the grass and rested on its side.  The look of surprise was on his face.  The carnage continued untl Falcon was the only one left standing.  Falcon went into shock when the shadowy figure revealed himself.  He was wearing a tattered red robe and a ghostly white mask.
"YOU!!!  THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WE KILLED YOU!"  The figure ran towards Falcon who inturn raised his sword moving towards the figure.  It was blind luck but Falcon managed to defeat the figure.  It's mask floated up in the air and dissapeared in a puff of mist.
"We, my failing friend," Falcon said triumphantly with sword in hand, "write our own fates".  "I suppose that is the definition of destiny".  Dartanion turned toward Falcon revieling a charred face.  "A curse has been laid upon thee by the Nazeem the God of vengeance.  For thou hast commited vile acts against his diciples.  Thou shall live on as shall my blood long after I am gone.  My blood will sprout a tree of families.  The limbs from this tree will find you no matter where you go".
"Mystic nonsense", Falcon said as he plunged the sword into Dartanion's stomach, "I shall welcome immortality then, it will give me the power to do great and marvelous things, thank you for the gift".
"Keep looking over your shoulder Falcon.....for the fear of......not knowing when or where my bloodline will strike the only true gift.....immortality has to offer you.

The body of Dartanion Mournspree with those last words finally drifted off into an eternal sleep.

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