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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter Fifteen: Phantom Mexicano Javier's Performance, Los Angeles 1971AD.

Excert from Phantom Mexicano:  Javier's Performance at the Phantages Theater 1971AD.
The theater was packed with people from, East Los Angeles, Glendale, West Covina, Montebello, even some who traveled all the way from Mexico to witness this event that took place only once a year.  The Announcer grabbed the microphone.
"Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to the thirty-third annual madiachi competition finals".  The audience cheered.  ""As customary and good sportsmanship the managers from each band will now shake each others hands".  Adriana had designated herself as La Nueve's manager so she approached the others and shook their hands.  Javier looked at each manager and thought to himself what a grueling regimon these managers must have put their bands through to prepare them for this moment.  Suddenly, without warning there was dead silence and the entire theater grew cold and dark.  Javier could barly make out the audience who seemed to be clapping and cheering in slow motion.  House lights that were bright white seemed to take on a purple glow as the fabric of time and space seemed to unravel.  The cold chill intensified as all motion appeared to almost stop.  He could hear his own heartbeat as if someone were thumping a drum that echoed the entire theater.  As he frantically looked around he could see the near frozen faces were unaware of what was happening as they continued to cheer in silence.  He turned to Adriana who was shaking hands with..a shadow, that had a red haze around it.  Inside the haze this thing was formless, a black void that tried to give itself the apperance of a man.  Everything was empty in that space except the eyes.  Those bright glowing white eyes.  This was no man.  This was the beast.  And the beast saw him.  As it was shaking his mothers hand Javier noticed it didn't notice his mother.  Its stare was fixated directly at him and he could not break away.  There was a moment of clarity and shockingly, everything returned to normal.
"Uh, Senior Falcon, you can let go of my hand now".  Adriana said without missing her happy tone.  Falcon shook his head and realized he had been blindly and continuosly shaking Adriana's hand.
"So sorry Ms Salvador.  As I was saying as manager of the Diagos I wish your band the best of luck".  Adriana smiled and went to take her seat but not before kissing her son on his cheek.
"Go get em my boy".
"I will momma", Javier said not taking his eyes off Falcon.  Falcon slowly nodded to Javier before leaving the stage himself.  As he left the stage he patted Sergo on the shoulder and motioned him to join him in the back.  Sergio nodded then gave Javier a cruel look before exiting.  Sergio's look didn't bother Javier.  Only the last thoughts of clarity were in his head.  That was no man.  Nothing more could describe it but pure unadulterated evil.  After the hadshakes took place Falcon pulled Martinez Diago to the side.
"Where's Sergio?"  Falcon asked in a forced tone.
"He's taking a shit boss what's wrong?
Falcon looked around before he spoke, "Can you explain to me how a bean eating spik could get a hold of the bloodline? How!
Martinez first thought was to check Falcon for using a racial slur but he dared not.
"Tell Sergio I want to speak to him when the competition is over.  Martinez, this important.  Tell him not to do anything until he speaks to me, UNDERSTAND?
"Yeah, yeah, boss I get it".  After Martinez left to go back to the stage Falcon went to his office down the hall.  He no longer had the desire to see the competition especially since he knew what the end results would be.  The only thoughts going through his mind as he sat down at his desk and pulled a bottle of Johnny Walker Red from his drawer with a small glass was that, this was going to end badly.

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