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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter thirty-four: The Second Conspirator. Los Angeles 2017AD.

Excert from Chapter thirty-four:  Skyler is issued a warning.  Los Angeles 2017AD.
Kimmy Yee, Skyler's bodyguard and personal assistant was urging  him to hurry up before he would be late to his release party.  Skyler assured her he would not be long he had to check his email.  To keep his fan base high Skyler dedicated himself to answer one email message per day.  He sat down and clicked the message that was flashing  on the bottom of the screen.
"Your song,' Heighten Sense' is a true testament of what psy-trance should sound like".  After reading the message, Skyler said in a smug tone as if the reader was stating the obvious of course.  Instead he responded with,
"Music is the new avatar of communication.  I try to make music that reaches out to all people.  So it means a lot to me that you like that piece".
After typing the message and clicking send he was about to log off when the computer blinked in a soft tone signifying he had mail.
"Aw shit, this guy is at his computer right now.  Well, can't leave him hanging.  I'll just tell him that I have to wrap things up", he said to himself as he opened the message.
"You should open your release party with that piece instead of Culture Flux".
Dude must have seen the news today.  "Don't worry I'm at this buddy".  Click send, soft tone response.
"There are at least three flaws in Culture Flux that are highly noticeable.  You should go with Heighten Sense".
Who is this guy?   How does he know about the three flaws?  He can't know about the three flaws even if somehow he heard the song.  The only ones that know about the flaws are me and.....Nah!  That thought for a minute made him feel rigid.  He was even sweating.  Relaxing he chuckled to himself.  His curiousity however was peaked.
"Who are you and how do you know about the three flaws?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"The flaws were not made by you so don't think I'm blaming you for them.  But the flaws are there and they betray your style.  They tend to make the song sound like it was made by someone else.  Like it's not your song.  Culture flux should not be played".
By this time Skyler's hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end.
"You still didn't answer my last inquiry.  Who are you?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"Your music is very good.  I understand that you have been slowly falling off the charts and in this day an age, if you fall off slightly, you can become yesterdays news".
"Fuck all that shit.   Who are you?"  Click send, soft tone response.
"But using someone else's piece is highly not recommended.
Skyler could taste the adrenalin in the back of his throat.  He had to think fast.
"Tell you what.  Why don't you give me your name and email so I can personally invite you to the release party.  Then you can see for yourself that Culture Flux is perfect.  Click send, soft tone response.
"Your other friend seemed to have negated my advice.  He was also good.  He also fell due to temptation".
Ok.  This was know longer funny.  "I'm going to ask you one more time.  Who are you?"  Click send, no answer.  Skyler sat at the computer for what seemed to be a lifetime though it was only a minute had passed.  Soft tone response.
"I think you know who this is, or at least who this once was".
Skyler broke out into a cold sweat and seemed to be shivering.  He didn't answer that last reply.  Soft tone response.
"Skyler Thomas Jones.  You are not to play Culture Flux.  Not at your release party.  Not anywhere, ever!  For the day that you do is the day you die!"

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